Muscle Fascia Massage Gun 802
Muscle Fascia Massage Gun 802
Muscle Fascia Massage Gun 802
Muscle Fascia Massage Gun 802
Muscle Fascia Massage Gun 802
Muscle Fascia Massage Gun 802
Muscle Fascia Massage Gun 802
Muscle Fascia Massage Gun 802

Muscle Fascia Massage Gun 802

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Product Features

1). Muscle Fascia Massage Gun 802 is a perfect tool to stimulate and sooth the entire body and mind, while also giving you the feeling of increased circulation and circulation in the body. He is a great massager for massaging, lifting and deep lifting the muscles. She is the perfect gift for any body that will help you get rid of tension, stiffness and fatigue.
2). The massager has an ergonomic design that allows you to comfortably control the massages, while providing a soft grip, allowing the user to enjoy the massage. It has a unique shape and design to fit your body well, easy to carry, you can operate independently.
3). It has 6 massage heads, 5 different massage modes, 5 speeds and frequencies(1800-3200 RPM), which are convenient for you to massage and restore different parts of the body in different will not damage the skin as it gently in various ways to stimulate your muscles, as well  It features deep massage points to allow you to rest easy.
4). This product uses the best technology available today in a unique way.It uses an ultra-high frequency brushless motor and a super silent design, you can easily enjoy a massage anywhere and anytime without worrying about disturbing others. 
5). Depends on our patented technology, using AI intelligent algorithm, can switch modes and speeds seamlessly through one-key operation, allowing you to easily master different massage modes. 
6). The 2200mAh battery is excellent and it's a great choice to have in your busy day or any spare time; it can be used for up to 180 minutes when fully charged,so you can enjoy a special massage at any will.
7). It is widely used to strengthen muscles after exercise, recover quickly, relieve fascia and muscle soreness, enjoy easy massages all over the body, and eliminate the tension caused by muscle soreness. Protect you from pain, reduce your muscle pain and fatigue, and help relax your mind and body.
8). Its a high-quality massager that can be used on any body type. It's the perfect tool for the Whole Family to unwind after a long day at work or play with the family! It has an excellent ergonomic design and is easy to hold in all directions, making it convenient at home, in the office (as well as outdoors and traveling!).

Product parameters

1). Model:802
2 ).  Features:
• One-key operation. 
• Type-C power jack
• 6 Massage heads
• Intensity: 6 levels speeds
• Brushless silent motor
• Material: ABS + Silicone
• Long life with rechargeable lithium battery.
• Six working modes: warm up,Relax,Expert,physical therapy,Acid discharge
3 ).  Power:
• Input:5V 2A
• Rated voltage:7.4V
• Rated power:25W
• Input:Type-C
• Charger input:100-240V-50/60Hz
• Charging Time : 2-3 hours
• Using Time : 3 Hours
• Timer : 10 minutes
• Power Supply:100-240V
• Battery:Li-ion battery 3.7V 2200mAh
4 ).  Function:
• Relax Muscle Fascia,Used for sports and relaxation
• Helps relive muscle pain, stiffness and soreness
• Deep tissue relaxation therapy
• Increases circulation and blood flow
• Lightweight, easy-to-use for self-fascial release
5 ). OEM Services:
•We can customized the brand, color box, manual etc. 
6 ). Certificate:CE ROHS FCC

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