Head/Scalp Massager 702
Head/Scalp Massager 702
Head/Scalp Massager 702
Head/Scalp Massager 702
Head/Scalp Massager 702
Head/Scalp Massager 702
Head/Scalp Massager 702
Head/Scalp Massager 702
Head/Scalp Massager 702
Head/Scalp Massager 702
Head/Scalp Massager 702

Head/Scalp Massager 702

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Product Features

1). This head massager uses environmentally materials, ABS high-quality environmentally friendly material body, high hardness, high texture, looks very beautiful, and has no unpleasant smell after a long time.The moderately soft silicone massage head is very gentle on your scalp, so it won't irritate your skin or irritate your skin and eyes. This massager is IPX7 waterproof (please note that the charging base is not waterproof), it can be used wet or dry, and can be used directly for bathing, shampooing; or enjoying a head massage while shampooing. whats More, you can use it to Wash the face, Buy it and you can get 4 face brush heads free.

2). It is advanced waterproof and can be used in both wet and dry ways. It can be directly used for bathing, shampooing, or enjoying head massage while shampooing.It can also be used alone for direct massage on the head, shoulders, neck, chest, abdomen, arms, buttocks, legs, and other parts of the body to help you fully enjoy a comfortable massage experience.

3). It has 4 silicone massage claws, 24 massage heads, and 84 massage contacts, which can fully massage every part of the scalp. If it is used to massage the body, it can also make a large area of contact with the body to improve the comfort of massage degree;The massage claws is detachable, which can be easily cleaned and maintained after massage or shampooing.

4). It is a new, unique hair brush and a revolutionary scalp massager. Gently stimulates the scalp with a High-frequency vibration and kneading, it can stimulate your scalp, relax muscle tension, relieve head fatigue and relieve the body muscle soreness. It will generate strong vibration when massage, 360-degree all-round kneading, deep massage the acupuncture points of the head,  artificial human manual massage to stimulate your head nerves, make your brain enjoy a pleasant experience, and reduce and delay the hair loss. speed.

5). The silent design, so you can use it anywhere, anytime, and in any scene without worrying about disturbing others.

6). 1200mAh new high-capacity battery, fully charged, you can take it outdoors or travel with confidence, which can meet the needs of daily head and body massage; Such a small size, 350g host weight, almost the same as your mobile phone, very portable, can be easily put into your carry-on bag;

7). It has a Type-C USB charging cable, you can use a computer, power bank and household plug to charge it; it has a contact charging base, you just put the body on it and it will start charging automatically, which is very convenient to operate , this design is also more conducive to the waterproof use of the fuselage to avoid the risk of electric shock

8). It is a high quality massager that can be used for any body type. It's the perfect tool for the whole family to unwind after a long day at work or play with the family! It has an excellent ergonomic design and is easy to hold in all directions, making it convenient at home, in the office (as well as outdoors and traveling!).

9). This head massager is also suitable for any cats, dogs and other pets; it can be used for daily body massage of pets, its unique handle design is very easy to grasp, you can massage easily while your pet is sleeping or any time, Make pets happier; Because the body of the massager is waterproof, you can also use it to massage your pet in the bath, even if the hair gets on it, the massage head is easy to remove for cleaning; of course, you It can also be used to interact and play while your pet is bathing.

10). At the same time, the configuration of the LED display increases the appearance and sense of technology of the device, making it highly technological, you can use it to enhance your enjoyment, or give it to someone important as a unique gift.

Product parameters

1). Model 702
2 ). Features:
• LCD Display
• One-key operation. 
• Long life with rechargeable lithium battery.
• Two working mode: Shiatsu, vibrating and Shiatsu
• Type-C power jack
• IPX7 Water proof
• Material: ABS + Silicone
3). Power:
• Input:5V 1A
• Rated power:5W
• Input:Type-C
• Charging Time : 2 hours

• Using Time : 50-70 Mins
• Timer : 10 minutes
• Power Supply:100-240V
• Battery:Li-ion battery 3.7V 1200 mAh
4 ). Function:
Relax Head,Face,Neck,Back,Arm,Leg,Used on Human and Pets.
Two-way rotation, vibration, two forces, massage and face wash.
5 ). OEM Services:
•We can customized the brand, color box, manual etc. 
6 ). Certificate:CE ROHS FCC

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